New Arrivals
This year, we’re proud to present “The W Collection.” Created with stylish fabrics, these classic designs are perfect for special occasions.
Christine by Wallaroo
Designed for women who have lost their hair due to a medical condition, these scarves and turbans are a great alternative to wigs.
Around the World
From Times Square to the glaciers of Iceland, explore the globe through the photos of our customers wearing their Wallaroo hats.
UPF 50+ Rating
Look for this sun icon throughout the website to determine which hats are your best protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommendation
The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only international organization devoted solely to the world's most common cancer. They recommend the material of every Wallaroo hat with a UPF rating and a 3“ brim or wider as an effective UV protectant.Read More

2015 Catalog
See our new collection as soon as it's ready! Our beautiful color catalog showcases our most current selection of hats for order.