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Wide Brim Hats for Kids

Set the stage for a summer full of safe sunning with high-quality kids' wide brim hats from Wallaroo Hat Company. Whether your plans involve building sandcastles, daily playground visits, or afternoons spent wading in the pool, all these activities require dependable UV protection for your entire family. Keep youngsters shielded from the sun with wide brim hats for babies, toddlers, and little kids from this Wallaroo Hat Company collection.

Choose a kids' wide brim hat from our selection to meet your preferences and needs. While Wallaroo hats are made with fun colors and designs to get kids excited, these kids' sun hats also feature fabrics offering the highest achievable sun protection rating - UPF 50+. Fabric rated at UPF 50+ has the ability to block out 97.5 % of ultraviolet rays and can be used along with sunscreen as an effective method of keeping children protected from the sun.

Wide Brim Hats Shield More Sun

Not only are these wide brim hats made of high-tech fabrics, they are also designed with a wider brim to shield glare and cover more of the face, neck, and ears. This is especially important, since it is not advisable to use sunblock on babies under 6 months old. Features, such as packable designs and Velcro chinstraps, help ensure Wallaroo Hat Company's children's wide brim hats become fast favorites among active families.

Need a hat for mom or dad? Be sure to shop our entire selection to find stylish sun hats for women and men here at Wallaroo Hat Company.