Solabrella Sun Shade

Stay cool and safe from the sun with Wallaroo!

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Solabrella Sun ShadeReady to enjoy the summer sun but want to bring some cool shade along with you? The Solabrella, by Wallaroo Hat Company is the best portable sun shelter you’ll find. Offering UPF 50+ sun protection, the Solabrella’s smart, classic design offers wide-open views and ventilation for cooling breezes—along with three times the shade area of the average pop-up sun tent or shelter.

Ideal for use on the beach, in the park, at sporting events, camping and summer festivals, the Solabrella stands strong in windy conditions, thanks to its sturdy double-anchor tether system.

Treat yourself to an upgrade from flimsy beach umbrellas and restrictive sun shelters. Once you try Solabrella, you'll never want to play in the sunshine without it.