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Carkella Del Mar Trilby


Carkella Fairway Fedora


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Carkella Palm Beach Fedora


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Carkella Sydney Fedora

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Carkella Tahoe


Carkella Victoria


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Unique Branding for Extraordinary Experiences

At Carkella, we craft enduring, iconic hats inspired by the places that have captured our imagination and shaped our experiences. Many Carkella designs feature interchangeable, magnetic emblems that recall your own favorite destinations—reminding us that, wherever we go, we can always bring our memories with us.

Carkella Caramel hat mobile
UPF 30+ / 50+ fabric for proven sun protection
Hidden magnet in hat trim for customizable branded emblems
Flexi-Weave fabric helps your hat retain its shape
Wind-resistant adjustable sizing for a more comfortable fit

Magnetic Attraction

Many Carkella hats feature a hidden magnet in the trim, allowing you to mix-and-match magnetic emblems that express your personal style. Browse our existing collection of emblems or create a custom design!


Carkella Aloha Emblem


Carkella California Emblem


Carkella Colorado Emblem


Carkella Fishing Emblem


Carkella Florida Emblem


Carkella Golf Emblem


Carkella New York Emblem


Carkella Pride Flag Emblem




Create your own custom design

Submit your artwork to or call 303-494-5949 for a design consultation.


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