Be sure to take the Gigi on your next stay at the Hilton! Fun and Fashionable sun protection.

 January 2018 - Wallaroo has been featured in the January issue of Hilton Moments magazine. Hilton Moments is the in-room publication for all Hilton Hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico. Articles include Home, Style, Travel Tips and Product Reviews. The Wallaroo Gigi Hat is specifically highlighted.  

Texas Monthly Lifestyle says Wallaroo Hats are a "must-have" travel essential!

 January 2018 - Wallaroo Hats are a "must-have" travel essential! Featured in Texas Monthly Lifestyle. This magazine serves as a pop culture and lifestyle guide for Texas residents. Click on the articles below and you will be taken to the site for more information. has a Holiday Gift Guide and Wallaroo is featured for 2017!

December 2017 - The Wallaroo Hat Company has been included in's Holiday Gift Guide for 2017.  Click on the article below for the complete article.  ProjectForGood is a new, non-profit organization that provides a one-stop shop for information about companies committed to the "double bottom line" - where success is defined as much by the people they help as they profits they turn.ProjectForGood connects consumers with companies that prioritize doing good alongside doing well. Click on the article below and you will be taken to the site for more information.