Packing Tips

Many Wallaroo hats are packable. Please watch the videos below for suggested packing techniques.

Roll it - Taco it - Fold it - Stuff it - Pack Flat - Crush it

- Roll it -

Hats to Roll: Bianca, Breton, Celeste, Ellie, Harper, Julia, Naomi, Nola, Savannah, Sydney, Scrunchie, Casual Traveler, Taylor, Shelton

- Taco it -

Do NOT crease or pinch when packing in the Taco fold. This is more of a "soft taco" fold.

Hats to Taco: 

Gigi, Josie, Naples, St. Tropez Trilogy, Tia, Trilogy Trilby, BlakeJasper, Outback, Palmer, Lulu

- Fold it -

Hats to Fold (or Crush): Casual Traveler, Petite Scrunchie, Scrunchie, Taylor, Shelton

- Stuff it -

Hats to Stuff (with socks & scarves): KristyPetite Victoria, Victoria, Victoria Diva, Victoria Two Toned.