Lead With Love

As we welcome in the new year, Wallaroo is proud to shine a light on a great organization that we actively support called Lead With Love. In light of the difficult times we are currently experiencing this message is more important than ever before. Their mission is to promote kindness and self-care-based leadership, while offering trainings, retreats, scholarships, and workshops to promote a culture shift from fear to love. With an emphasis on accessibility and inclusion, they focus on mental and physical wellbeing, as they believe that the wellbeing of one is connected to the wellbeing of all. Lead With...

Destination Luxury features Wallaroo hats for your next travel destination

Destination Luxury knows that to enjoy the outdoors safely, people are beginning to camp in their own backyards with their family members – especially because of the warmer weather. Before embracing the warm weather, make sure to properly protect your skin with hats with UPF features – so you know your skin stays healthy! We recommend the Victoria and the Outback.

Best Gifts for little boys! Thrifty Nifty Mommy loves the Microfiber Platypus

Thirfty Nifty Mommy, loves Wallaroo! Wallaroo hats are fun and functional for your little one. This Microfiber Platypus hat is water-resistant and quick drying. In other words, it is basically toddler-proof! Plus, it has UPF 50+ fabric which blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet rays. They have lots of styles and colors, plus, it is easy to search for hats based on your child's age to make sure you find the right one  

Marie Claire Magazine recognizes Wallaroo Hat Company. Protect your skin from sun damage.

Marie Claire Magazine is a fan of Wallaroo Hat Company. "Exactly How to Heal a Sunburn, According to Dermatologists" It may seem obvious, but wearing sunscreen daily and properly is the best way to prevent sunburns and skin damage. This includes reapplying SPF if you have been swimming or sweating, and applying it 20 minutes before you go outside. If you are especially at risk for sun damage, Dr. Hayag recommends wearing protective hats, sunglasses and clothing. Brands like Wallaroo hats make products that can protect you from UV rays. Besides your standard body and face SPF, you should also...

Health Magazine features the Kristy Hat by Wallaroo for super sun protection 🌤

Health Magazine recognizes Wallaroo Hats for super sun protection. Sun Smarts = Wallaroo's Kristy hat 👒 The Kristy hat is one of Wallaroo's top sellers. Join the Wallaroo family and give the Kristy a try. This hat also comes in petite sizes as well.

Summer Cancelled? Not really 👓 👒

Summer Cancelled? Not really, it's just different this year. A little more StayCation instead of a traveling Vacation...Right? Livingly wants to make you feel a little better this summer. Take a look at these great buys.....including the Catalina Hat by Wallaroo.

Beauty News NYC loves Wallaroo for Father's Day Gifts!

Beauty News NYC loves Wallaroo for Father's Day Gifts! The Outback hats is a favorite for Dads. Amazing sun protection, packable, great for the garden, golf and hiking. Your Dad deserves some Wallaroo love this Father's Day. 🤠🥰 Wallaroo has Gift Cards too! Just in case you can't decide which hat to select for your Dad.  

Houston Family Magazine online featured Wallaroo’s Outback Hat

Houston Family Magazine includes the Outback hat in their Father's Day Gift Guide for 2020. Wallaroo Hat Company's Outback Men’s Sun Protection Hat is a lightweight, classic fedora for sun protection. if your father is into gardening or enjoys outdoor activities such as running, make sure to gift him items such as a hat with UPF features that protect skin from too much sunlight Give DAD the gift of sun protection and style this year🤠  

ScaryMommy Loves Wallaroo Hats for Father's Day

ScaryMommy loves the Logan Hat for Dad. "This is a statement hat for sure and it says “I’m a sexy gardener.” Garden, beach, trips to Target — this hat says, “Yes, I care about keeping the sun out of my face.” Father’s Day is coming up soon and we’ve got to get ourselves together. Our houses are a mess, we’re basically agoraphobic, and our kids are driving us crazy.  Yeah. Maybe not feeling super celebratory lately. But dammit, we have to applaud the dads in our lives. They’ve been there to drive us absolutely crazy while we keep our houses...