WholeFoods Magazine and Wallaroo Hats! What a match 😎

WholeFoods Magazine is wild about Wallaroo Hat Company and the new Carkella line. 🤠  Wallaroo makes the Top 7 Spa-Wellness Trends. Carkella, the new line by Wallaroo features UPF 30+ and 50+ rated hats with interchangeable magnetic badges that are ideal for individualized branding.

Midwest Golfing features Wallaroo and Carkella by Wallaroo

Wallaroo was featured on Midwest Golfing Magazine for “Wallaroo Hat Company Showcases Its 2020 Collection Featuring First-Ever Custom Branded Line”. The collection includes a new line of hats, Carkella by Wallaroo, a private-label brand for the golf, travel, and resort industries.

NewBeauty for “Hawaiian Beauty: What to Try, Where to Stay, What to Know”

NewBeauty includes Wallaroo hats in their article on "What to Pack" on your travels and adventures this year. "Coolibar dresses, Wallaroo hats, Dr. Tony Nuara’s Foundation polypodium supplements, and more.

Gifts for the Holidays and all year round!

Wallaroo was featured on GoNOMAD for “11 Christmas Clothing & Gift Ideas”.  The Palmer for men and the Amelia for women. Excellent hats for sun protection and style. Makes the perfect gift for loved ones or a gift just for you.

Stephanie Carter, CEO and Co-founder of Wallaroo "How I Thrive"!

Stephanie Carter was featured on Authority Magazine. Dive in to "How I Thrive", and learn how Stephanie maintains a well-balanced lifestyle while running a very successful business and living life to the fullest.

Wallaroo makes Reader's Digest top 60 gifts for the holidays 🎁

Reader's Digest has selected Wallaroo's Josie hat as one of their top 60 gifts to give on your holiday list 🎁. Super easy to bring along on any trip and matches with your outfit! UPF50+ ⛱ and packable too 🧳

“Travel Treasures – Great Items To Have on Your Next Travel Adventures.”

Traveling Boy selects just a small group of unique gifts for travel adventures and they are head over heels for Wallaroo's Crocodile hat for kids.  

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Grandparents. Reader's Digest loves Wallaroo 😍

Wallaroo was featured on Reader’s Digest for “49 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas for Grandparents.”  The Catalina Cowboy is fun and trendy and perfect for a day at the beach, for a walk in the park with your dog or just shopping around town. There is a wire-edged brim to create your own unique style.   

"She She Me's Favorite Things"

Wallaroo was featured on She She Me for “She She Me’s Favorite Things!” Favorite styles include the Breton, Josie, and Outback. All UPF50+, sun-protective, stylish and packable too!