Man stepping over river rocks while wearing Tahoe sun hat by Carkella
Welcome to Wallaroo

A Company on a Mission

From our home base in Colorado, we draw inspiration from nature — the earthy tones of the Rocky Mountains and the brilliant blue of the sunny skies. We focus on quality craftsmanship and functional, fashionable designs so your Wallaroo sun protection hat can go with you on all of your adventures. We want you to get out there — to play, hike, swim and explore — with complete confidence, knowing you’re covered in style.

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Carkella by Wallaroo

Carkella by Wallaroo is a new line of hats designed for golf, resort, and travel. At Carkella, we craft enduring, iconic hats inspired by the places that have captured our imagination and shaped our experiences. Many Carkella designs feature interchangeable, magnetic emblems that recall your own favorite destinations—reminding us that, wherever we go, we can always bring our memories with us.

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UPF 30+ / 50+ fabric for proven sun protection
Hidden magnet in hat trim for customizable branded emblems
Flexi-Weave fabric helps your hat retain its shape
Wind-resistant adjustable sizing for a more comfortable fit
Woman posing with Wallaroo Kristy sun hat in ivory-coral

A Company on a Mission

Just as important as why we do business is how we do business.

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Woman walking in the middle of the road wearing a Wallaroo sun hat

Serious Sun Protection

Wallaroo's beach and sun hats are designed to protect the skin on your face and neck from harmful UV rays.

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Woman wearing a fedora style sun hat by Wallaroo

The 2024 Catalog

Flip through the pages of our latest catalog to see the entire new collection.



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