May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month: a month dedicated to the prevention, education, and eradication of skin cancer. Wallaroo was founded after our CEO, Stephanie Carter’s visits to Australia, where she discovered the Aussie’s secret to sun protection-UPF rated sun hats! Living at altitude in Colorado and having an active outdoor lifestyle, she recognized the threat that skin cancer posed and the lack of UPF protective hats. In 1999 she established Wallaroo Hat Company to bring functional and fashionable headwear to the US market.  

“Wallaroo’s mission to continually bring awareness to this was my immediate connection because I am a stage IV Melanoma survivor, for 7 years now. I went through so much to be here today, and anyone who is as passionate as me on this journey of awareness, I want to work with! I believe that together, Wallaroo and others can really impact the world! Each hat sold, to me, is another life we are saving and opening their eyes to skin cancer prevention! I am honored to have this opportunity and connection with Wallaroo because I am always thinking of ways to help others against skin cancer!” – Katie Ostrovsky (@my_melanoma_world)

Melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, is the most diagnosed cancer among women ages 20 to 35. With this in mind, Wallaroo Hat Company proudly partners with the Melanoma Research Foundation and the Skin Cancer Foundation to continue our mission of eliminating the threat of skin cancer through education and prevention. Research suggests that 90% of melanoma cases are linked to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Taking preventative measures can reduce up to 90% of melanoma cases. Seeking shade whenever possible, wearing UPF protective hats and clothing, avoiding direct sunlight during peak hours, and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30+ every day can greatly minimize the risk of melanoma. Check out our line of women’s UPF 50+ Hats - and Men’s UPF 50+ hats -

“After experiencing my personal bout with skin cancer, a spark was lit within me to spread the message that skin cancer is serious. I appreciate that Wallaroo Hat Company uses science to share skin cancer awareness and how wearing a hat with UPF 50+ protects us from the sun’s damaging UV rays.” – Nancy Brown (@nancydbrown)

Wallaroo Hat Company is proud to have ambassadors who have dealt with skin cancer head on. Those ambassadors who have been on the difficult journey of recovery share the hopeful desire to promote awareness and prevention around this prevalent health threat. When asked about the individual meaning and value of Wallaroo’s mission, our ambassadors who have faced this threat shared their enlightening take on what skin cancer elimination through information and prevention means to them:

“Sun protection is critical to my health. As someone who has been diagnosed with melanoma five times I am always under a hat when outside! I love Wallaroo Hats and wanted to be a part of the Wallaroo Ambassador Program so I could share them with our skin cancer community.” – Tracy Callahan (@polkadotmamainc)

Skin cancer awareness is critical in our mission to eliminate it. Help us spread the word about the dangers of skin cancer through proper education and prevention and by wearing a wide brimmed sun protective hat. And remember: It’s a sunny life. Wear your hat®.

“I am a Melanoma survivor; it is very important to me and my whole family to have the best protection from the sun. I’ve become an advocate for skin cancer and do my best to educate others about protecting themselves from the sun. I’ve even started fundraising every year in May since 2019!” – Amy Harbison (@adventure_our_life) (To donate and see Amy’s melanoma awareness t-shirt designs, visit