As we welcome in the new year, Wallaroo is proud to shine a light on a great organization that we actively support called Lead With Love. In light of the difficult times we are currently experiencing this message is more important than ever before. Their mission is to promote kindness and self-care-based leadership, while offering trainings, retreats, scholarships, and workshops to promote a culture shift from fear to love. With an emphasis on accessibility and inclusion, they focus on mental and physical wellbeing, as they believe that the wellbeing of one is connected to the wellbeing of all.

Lead With Love aims to affect change in our business leaders by promoting conscious and heart-centered leadership. Additionally, through Project Wellbeing, Lead With Love provides onsite programs for essential service workers. To learn more about Lead With Love and to get involved yourself, you can visit Lead With Love.

Wallaroo Hat Company, CEO and Founder, Stephanie Carter, works to instill these values in every area of her business and company culture. Wallaroo employees partake in team-building and bonding exercises throughout the year and support charity causes that are important to them. Each year, they donate a portion of their profits to philanthropic causes that focus on skin cancer research, education, and prevention in the United States. Additionally, as a Certified B Corporation, Wallaroo invests in high standards of social and environmental practices, accountability, and transparency Thank you for supporting Wallaroo in continuing these efforts – we truly love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without you.