May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, Wallaroo Hat Company will be sharing stories from Melanoma Survivors in our Survivor Spotlight. 

 Amy Harbison by a body of water

 Amy Harbison, Melanoma survivor, wearing the Nosara 

 Amy Harbison is a Wallaroo Ambassador and three-time melanoma survivor. She is a skin cancer activist, working tirelessly to tell her story and promote skin cancer awareness.  Amy has joined forces with her best friend, Dee Conway, for a month-long Melanoma Awareness & Fundraising Campaign. Dee lost her sister Rose five years ago to Melanoma and she continues to honor her through her activism. 

Amy and Dee founded Butterfly Warriors and this is their third year raising funds and awareness. This year they are raising funds for two skin cancer organizations: American Melanoma Institute and Arizona Skin Cancer Foundation. 

 Two women sitting outside wearing a Wallaroo hat

The Butterfly Warriors sporting the Sedona (Left), and Nosara (Right) 

Each of their stories is different but their passion to bring awareness to skin cancer is the same. 
Throughout the month of May, they will be hosting weekly giveaways every Friday on Instagram. You can enter at:    

Amy Harbison with her dog outside wearing a Wallaroo hat

Amy in the Nosara with her Australian Shepherd, Roxy   

We are Stronger Together. Amy's goal is to bring awareness and raise money to help the younger generation be more aware about how to protect their skin. 

Her preferred brands for sun protection are SwimZip Swimwear, Cabana Life, Desert Camo Apparel, & Coolibar. Her favorite UPF50+ hats are Wallaroo, and she never leaves the house without one. 

Amy Harbison wearing a dress and Wallaroo hat

 Amy in the St. Lucia 

From Amy:

Thank you for reading about my journey. I would like to share a few things that I feel are important. It's important to put faith in your doctor but you also NEED to be your biggest advocate. You are the one that sees your own skin 24/7. Protect yourself, love the life you live, scars are beautiful, and they will never define you.  

  1. Wear sunscreen daily and reapply often. 
  2. Use UPF 50+ apparel! It has become my go-to for all outdoor activities. 
  3. Wear a Wallaroo hat! They’re a great accessory and provide protection for your scalp, just make sure to look for a brim that is least 3 inches in length or bigger. Also don’t forget to wear your sunglasses. 
  4. Perform monthly self-checks and if you see something, get it checked out! 
  5. Don’t forget to visit your Dermatologist once a year.

Most importantly, love the skin you were given.