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Stylish, Sun Protective Hats for Women

For many of us, soaking up the sun is a way of life when the weather is nice. The fresh air, vitamin D and relaxed vibes make hanging out at the beach or pool an essential warm-weather pastime. Yet, we all know that there are some inherent risks involved. The ever-present threat of sunburn, premature aging and, of course, skin cancer, mean that we must be aware of our time spent in the sun. Wallaroo hats for women are designed to help you do just that - soak up the sun while blocking out harmful UV rays and looking your best.

These stylish hats for women are constructed with high-quality performance materials that are tested and rated for their ability to block out UV rays. Materials including poly-straw, poly-braid, microfiber, cotton and Lycra provide the perfect mix of protection and comfort. For the best sun protection, look for hats made with UPF 50+ rated fabrics, which block 97.5 percent of ultraviolet rays, according to the Australian Radiation Protection Agency. Our designs are travel-friendly and packable ensuring they look their best when you reach your destination.

Attractive Women's Sun Hats

We specialize in stylish, elegant hats for women in time-honored silhouettes and traditional lightweight and natural materials. Fedoras, floppy-brimmed hats, bucket hats, visors and cowgirl hats enhance your summer wardrobe while keeping you safe from the elements. Elevate your style with a colorful hat from Wallaroo Hat Company. Our collection includes over 25 different colors, including blue, pink, seafoam, denim, navy, grey and many others ensuring you always look your best.

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